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Tricholoroisocyanuric acid 90% - TCCA - Granular

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Appearance: white particle

Uses: TCCA - Tricholoroisocyanuric acid:

Destroy the microorganisms, algae, moss in water.
Disease prevention for livestock, poultry, fish, shrimp
Kill bacteria, viruses, parasites cause disease. Prevention and control of epidemics
Eliminating mold, parasites, and the stench quickly on appliances, machinery and medical equipment, blankets, clothing, home environment where identical xuongKhu near landfills, flood zones, natural disasters
Water disinfection, health and community. Increasing oxygen in the water
TCCA is also very widely used in other fields: civil disinfection (drinking water, decontamination for food containers, disinfectants for swimming pools, dirty waste water treatment), applications in agriculture ( as medicines: temperate beans, blight, dry chlorophyll leukemia ....), used to prevent bacterial food, preserved fruits and vegetables, bleached cellulose, antispasmodic for wool, periodic cleaning of Agriculture, poison for feathers, cleaned and deodorized.
Specification: 50KG / DRUM

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Store in cool, dry place