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Potassium sulphate - K2SO4

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Ingredients K2O: 50% min

Comments Optics:

K2SO4 or potassium sulfate in normal conditions is a solid crystalline salt white non-flammable and water soluble.
It is fairly common use as fertilizers, providing both potassium and sulfur. Sometimes it is also used in glass production.

Effect of potassium fertilizer contains:

Potassium is one of three factors important macronutrient decision crop yields and quality of agricultural products. Potassium also plays an important role in helping plants with increased resistance to environmental conditions, while increasing the ability to prevent disease.
Rice is full of potassium fertilizers will grow rigid, and not fall apart, drought-hardy and well.
Potassium deficiency rice dark green leaves, brown leaf edges lightly browned. Severe lack of potassium leaves atop dark brown necrotic spots while the older leaves usually have lesions below the fire injection. When the ratio of potassium in the trees reduced to ½-1/3 compared to normal, then see potassium deficiency symptoms appear on the leaves, so when symptoms appear, the yield fell to potassium fertilization can not compensate up for. So you should not wait until symptoms appear before a lack of potassium fertilizer for plants potassium supplements.
Use of fertilizers and raw materials for fertilizer production.
Specification: 25kg / bag

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Store in cool, dry place