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Product Detail

Chemical Formula: K2CO3

Potassium carbonate content: 99.5%

Appearance: N crystalline granules or white powder. Soluble in water to form a strong alkaline solution, but insoluble in ethanol.

K2CO3 can be prepared when potassium hydroxide to react with carbon dioxide (CO2). This is easy to leak chemicals.

Application :

In the agricultural sector, it is often mixed with animal fertilizer K2CO3, to add potassium to the soil to serve for cultivation.

In the food processing industry, K2CO3 serves as a component in the production process of grass jelly (jelly) is a dish of raw materials in Southeast Asia, and China. In addition, they are used to soften potash tripe, this is a useful method of processing.

In some places, K2CO3 is also used as an intermediate in the production of wine, and honey processing.

Also popular K2CO3 is used in the production of soap (soap), ceramics, and glass ...

K2CO3 changed the nature of water, hard water softener is a characteristic of K2CO3, in addition it has the ability to remove dirt and water purification

In the manufacturing industries of fertilizers, K2CO3 solution is used to eliminate CO2 from ammonia from the waste gas treatment.

K2CO3 solution is also used as a inhibitor dry extinguish the fire.

K2CO3 is used as a catalyst to maintain anhydrous conditions in the chemical reactions that do not cause a reaction with the substances involved in the reaction and the product is formed. K2CO3 can be used to dry some of alcohols, ketones, amines and others before being transported to the distillation.

K2CO3 is also an ingredient in flux, and in the information on the welding rod coating arc.

Origin: South Korea

Packing: 25Kg / bag

Store in cool, dry place


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